Five easy steps to make your own Christmas wreath

Christmas wreaths are fabulously fun and festive – and the ideal decoration for your front door in the run-up to the holidays. You’ll love this simple DIY to make your own, which is easier than you might think.

Before you start, keep in mind the best Christmas foliages come from Nordman fir so use the stems from the base of your Christmas tree – they can be cut away from base of the tree when you position it into your stand.


  • Noble fir or holly foliage
  • 0.56mm reel wire
  • Wreath wrap tape
  • Secateurs
  • Holly, pine cones and cinnamon sticks to adorn


Assemble your flowers and foliage and strip the excess leaves from some of the stems to make a natural stem the foliage and decorations can be tied to.


With a reel of florist’s wire in one hand, wrap the loose end around the stem just below the foliage and start to add additional bunches below, wrapping as you go to make a garland.

Add a new stem once the first one is nearly covered with foliage.


Remember to add picks of berries using the florists wire to secure to bring color to your garland.

You can use mini baubles, ribbons, cinnamon sticks or whatever you like to make it personal to you and your Christmas decor.


Keep adding foliage, berries and decorations until you have a long garland ready for tying.

If you’d like a large wreath, use bushier foliage to fill it out.


Once long enough, join the ends together by feeding the excess stem underneath the wreath and secure with wire.

If you’d like a garland, finish the ends off with decorations before draping across a mantlepiece.