Lavender Medley

Pastel, old fashioned tones of lavender carnations compliment deep purple mocara orchids. A brilliant medley of lightweight clouds of hydrangeas are wrapping around this striking design. Ultra blue antique color carnations create a perfect contrast to delicate blush quick sand roses, making this floral arrangement absolutely stunning. The feeling of this composition is light and pure, yet intriguing and flirting…

All our flower boxes are ideal for any kinds of delivery- home, office, restaurants and easy to carry. Flowers have a much longer life span because they are packed in a specially treated sponge that allows flowers to have a longer life. The In Bloom floral design box is extremely durable and can be used as a holder or can be offered as a new gift.

Care: Only in indoor environments (no more than 77 ° F, without direct sunlight). Remove a rose from the center of the box and slowly water with about 15 oz or 2 cups of fresh water, then put the rose back into the sponge


Disclaimer :

Photos and visual presentation of the products represent an overall style, look and feel, which we may not be able to identically replicate in some instances.